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What is your full name?

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What is your policy number?

You can find your policy number on the policy schedule.

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Are you named on the policy?

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What is the address covered by the policy?

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What does your claim relate to?

If your claim relates to both Home and Belongings please tick both boxes.

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Tell us what has happened:

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When did it happen?

If you know the exact date the incident occurred please enter this, alternatively please let us know the date you discovered the loss or damage.

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Tell us more about the incident:

Please provide as much detail as possible about your claim.

What were you doing leading up to the incident? For example, you could have been out shopping or in the garden, or doing DIY etc.

What caused the loss or damage to happen? For example, you may have lost an item whilst on a train, dropped and damaged the item or someone may have caused damage to your property etc.

If there has been a leak where did it originate? For example, the leak may have started inside or outside of the house.

What did you do after the incident? For example, any actions taken to stop the damage from getting worse, or if you looked for an item by retracing your steps.

If you're making a travel insurance claim, please include the name and address of your travel company and your policy number.

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Can you upload any photographs to help us deal with your claim?

This could include photographs of damage, invoices, proof of purchase or proof of ownership.

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You can upload a maximum of 10 photographs. Don't worry if you don't have any at present, however we may request you provide documentation later to assist us with your claim.

Please provide the Crime Reference Number

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If you have lost your phone or tablet, please provide the IMEI number

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When is it most convenient for us to call you to discuss your claim?

Please select an option from the list below when you are available to talk to us.

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What is the best phone number to contact you on?

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Do you have a mobile phone number? (if different from above)

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Are you happy to receive text message updates throughout your claim?

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What is your email address?

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